Become a Metal Madness Affiliate Range!

Interested in starting, or growing your range membership and attracting new shooters, and educating youth? Become a Metal Madness Affiliate!

The cost to be a Metal Madness Affiliate Range is only $500.00 plus construction. Metal Madness shooting sports does not require much space, only 40’ x 80’ and a 9’ berm. We will provide all the specs, scoring programs, website portal and information needed to get started shooting the Metal Madness game. Contact us for costs associated with building the Metal Madness Experience.


No matter where you live, we have a Metal Madness shooting system that will fit your needs:

  1. The Original Metal Madness: our signature .22LR Rimfire game
  2. Airsoft verison: Our indoor Airsoft game
  3. BB gun verison: An indoors or outdoors game
  4. Play at home: Home practice lanes for all three

No matter what country you reside in Metal Madness should be permissible under your laws.

MMSSA LLC offers an international scoring program, so every Metal Madness member's scores will be recorded.