Metal Madness at the Barn 01-04-2020


Location Season Match Day Rounds Passes Shooters New Shooters
Metal Madness Barn 2020 01/04/2020 2 35 14 0

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Player Class Best Time Ranking
Bradly D Open Rifle19.4Master
Carl SOpen Rifle21.78Master
Eric VOpen Rifle23.17Expert
Garry EStock Pistol40.16Sharpshooter
Jan S Stock Pistol36.67Sharpshooter
Jim FOpen Rifle22.62Expert
Justin S Open Rifle22.01Expert
Ken TOpen Rifle18.51High Master
Lane W Open Rifle22.13Expert
Linda E Open Rifle28.91Sharpshooter
Mark G Open Rifle17.27High Master
Steve C Open Pistol25.36Expert
Teresa W Open Rifle50.22Marksman
Tim B Open Pistol20.20High Master