Our Affiliate Ranges

Fowler's Shooting Range

13377 Mustang Road
Marion, IL 62959

Metal Madness At The Barn

720 State Route 293
Eddyville, KY 42038
(270) 836-6986


2406 N 5th St
Duncan, OK 73533

New Milford Pistol & Rifle Range

336 Steam Hollow Rd
Hallstead, PA 18822
(570) 879-6846

DRD's Metal Madness LLC

14447 Mountain Green Road
Willow Hill, PA 17271
(216) 272-7589

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Our Mobile Range

The Mobile Range is designed to take the Metal Madness experience on the road and give people the chance to participate in our shooting sport. You can view KY Afield's coverage of our Mobile Range here. Please contact us for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

All it takes to get The Mobile Range to most locations is 25 or more people willing to shoot Metal Madness. Mobile Range opportunities do NOT require you to have an established range to qualify. There is no charge to the host range or property owner for the range to come to the location.

The Mobile Range is a full scale Metal Madness range. The range itself is an enclosed 8’6” wide and 36’ long range with 10 shooting lanes, colored to match the target field. The target field is 10 lanes of 5 steel targets in each lane, numbered 1-4 with a round stop target to indicate the time to stop.

The Mobile Range is pulled by a 42’ Trendsetter toter home, powered by a 400 horse Detroit engine. The mobile range requires a minimum of 9’ earth berm or material capable of stopping a .22 LR bullet. The space needed for the range is 45’ wide and 100’ long for a complete set up.


Our Mobile Airsoft Range

We have partnered with Tippmann Sports to create an indoor range featuring our fast-paced Metal Madness shooting sport with Airsoft rifles. Enjoy all the fun of Metal Madness while indoors! This version of Metal Madness features quiet Airsoft rifles that feel and behave just like their rimfire counterparts - without the bang.

The Tippmann runs on CO2 and shoots a 6mm projectile at a hearty 450 fps. The indoor targets ring out and swing just like traditional the Metal Madness ones. The scoring is the same.

The Airsoft Range can be set up in just about any type of building—a gym, church, school etc.. Please contact us for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

Our Home Range

787 Dover Rd
Grand Rivers, Kentucky
(270) 349-1070


Founded August 8, 2013, Grand Rivers Shooting Range is the birthplace of Metal Madness. Located in our backyard in a small town in Western Kentucky. We have spent the last 5 years developing and perfecting Metal Madness. Come see for yourself where it all began!

Members have access to all 15 lanes on the range Monday – Saturday 8am until dusk. NRA members may present their valid NRA membership card and receive $5.00 off a yearly GRSR membership.

We have recently installed 34 centerfire steel targets that can withstand up to .45ACP (Our Metal Madness shooting game is still .22 caliber only). We are also have a clay target thrower for our members to use (clay targets must be purchased from us due to feeding reliability issues).

We have always offered FFL transfers to our members and but now we are actively selling firearms! We will also order firearms for our members for $25.00 over cost if we do not have them in stock.

We are located at 787 Dover Rd, Grand Rivers, KY 42045. Please click here for a map and more information.