Experience Metal Madness


Metal Madness is designed to be affordable by exclusively using Rimfire ammo. Experience the instant gratification of ringing steel targets no matter the age or experience. Metal Madness's built-in fun factor has a three-fold combination of: the challenge of shooting, fellowship and food. Metal Madness allows entire families the opportunity to spend the day shooting together without breaking the bank.

  • Our Youth Program is designed to teach Gun Safety Fundamentals.

Family Friendly

Metal Madness is a shooting sport game that's family friendly. Metal Madness improves every shooter's skill from the beginner to the seasoned shooter. All built around a safe and friendly environment. Metal Madness is a game everyone can enjoy.

Participation Makes Metal Madness

It is the members who make Metal Madness so great. Our family atmosphere is unique and something we are very proud of. When you join, you become a member of that family. Challenge yourself personally or play in brackets against other members from all Metal Madness ranges. Ranges are opening across the country.

Mobile Range

Bringing Metal Madness to the Masses. We'll bring the range to you! If you don't have a Metal Madness range located near you, check us out at a Mobile Range event. Subscribe to our Newsletter and find out where our next Mobile Event is being held.

“Left with a smile on their faces”

Brother I had a blast at your mobile range last weekend, thank you for bringing your sport out to us at the NRA World Shooting Championships @ peacemaker. Everyone who made it out to your side stage left with a smile on their faces… I can’t wait till my boys get big enough to begin their competition shooting with MMSSA.

T.K. M.

“I would recommend it for anyone!”

We had the best time! I would recommend it for anyone!

Margaret D.

“The whole family can enjoy!”

A safety first orientated shooting game that the whole family can enjoy! Great folks and first class fun.

Eric E.

“A very heavy emphasis on safety and just plain fun”

It’s very family friendly and a great entry into shooting sports. With a very heavy emphasis on safety and just plain fun. We have folks from 8-80 yrs old participating. No complex rules to memorize much beyond basic firearm safety. My wife, Granddaughter and I love shooting this discipline. A bonus is all the folks we’ve met shooting Metal Madness have been very friendly and helpful!

Michael W.

“Safe and fun”

It is a safe and fun way to bring the young kids and moms and dads to the world of rim fire shooting !

Craig B.

“My favorite family sport”

Metal Madness is my favorite family sport with my husband. The folks there are nice, members and non members of all ages.


“I recommend this sport to everyone”

I started coming to Grand Rivers to see what the fuss was about. Now, I am a devotee and I recommend this sport to everyone I meet that is interested in learning to shoot. It worked for me and will for work for you!

Mark G

First Shots for Shotguns and Clay Targets 9/27/2020 (On time)